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Car Burning Car Accident

As you focus on getting better I will apply my more than 18 years of experience to finding and vetting witnesses, poring over the evidence, and analyzing the damage. I have a proven record of recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

You get better – I will research and litigate.


The pain you suffer is severe and the loss of vehicle and wages - perhaps even life - is significant. There are, however, a few things you can do to assist in the investigation of your accident while I work to recreate its circumstances and determine who was ultimately at fault.

How you can assist the investigation

Don't let the insurance companies take advantage of you.

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 •  Document all damage and evidence – take pictures of the damage done to both vehicles, or make extensive notes listing all the damage done and any injuries suffered.


 •  Do not claim responsibility – never accept blame for the accident when talking to the other party and to the police. Doing so could compromise our advantage in a lawsuit. Do exchange insurance and contact information and call for any necessary medical attention.


 •  Make sure your insurance company follows through – make sure it provides you with the coverage promised in your policy. If for any reason they refuse to do so, speak to me. I am here to stand up for you against insurance company injustice and ensure that you receive the coverage that they owe you.

We have years of experience in winning cases for clients.

What you can do:

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