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When you are trying to defend your rights, put our skill, experience and reputation to work for results on your side. We promise to fight hard for you and help get you the outcome you deserve.

Don't let them

trample your rights


From the simplest misdemeanor to the most serious felony - if accused of a crime, you're going to want our representation. We are intimately familiar with the entire Georgia criminal justice system and possess the tenacity, knowledge and skill to make sure you understand your legal options for the best possible outcome.

Aggressive, skilled and knowledgeable representation

 •  Traffic violations

 •  Assault and battery

 •  DWI / DUI / OWI

 •  Drug crimes / possession

 •  Theft and larceny

 •  Misdemeanors

 •  Burglary

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preserve your rights and freedom.

We have years of experience helping clients accused of crimes!

Areas of practice:

As an American citizen, you deserve justice – whether you have been charged with a DWI / DUI, accused of a felony or alleged to have committed a misdemeanor. Attorney Cummings has sworn an oath to serve you – an oath that he is dedicated to honoring.

Sworn to go the extra mile

 •  Robbery

 •  Arson

 •  Felonies

 •  Homicide – murder (manslaughter)

 •  Domestic violence

 •  White-collar crime

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