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Managed care is not always so managed or as caring as we would like it to be. Should you believe your loved one has become the victim of abuse or neglect by their caregivers, I'll help put things right.

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You will appreciate my compassionate demeanor as we work together in the aggressive pursuit of your loved one's health and happiness. Your loved one may be unable to indicate what is wrong or fear backlash from nursing home personnel. Therefore, it is important that you identify the signs before irreparable harm is done.

Advocating for your loved one

I have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed in neglect/abuse cases.

 •  Physical injuries – unexplained broken bones or bruises, bedsores, head or back injuries, or other types of unusual physical ailments.

 •  Medication problems – medication under, or overdosing may be the result of poor records-keeping.

 •  Behavioral changes – If you visit and your loved one displays signs of agitation, withdrawal or fear, or if he or she cries regularly, they could be suffering from nursing home neglect / abuse.

 •  Poor maintenance – Look around the nursing home itself. Does it appear to be poorly maintained, not clean or poorly staffed? Here, again, neglect could be taking place.

 •  Other signs of neglect – Watch for dehydration, malnourishment, poor hygiene, soiled bedding and other similar signs that could point to the presence of nursing home neglect.

Ensure your loved one's health and safety.

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Indications of neglect include:

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